SNDWCD004 – TP Orchestre Poly Rythmo The Kings of Benin Urban Groove 1972-80

TP Orchestre Poly Rythmo The Kings of Benin Urban Groove 1972-80

From the Republic of Benin, West Africa, The Orchestre Poly-Rythmo are one of Africa’s least-known big-bands. Here we hope to redress the balance with a collection that reflects their many poly-rhythmic moods. A mixture of hard Afro-funk, driving Afro-beat, deep Afro-Latin and Cuban grooves, all with a unique flavour that ruled the dance-floors of 70’s urban Benin.

Most of these tracks have never before been heard outside of West Africa since originally being issued on small presses that long ago became extinct. Being such a small country, Benin has had little in the way of musical exposure over the years and many people don’t even know where it is, sandwiched alongside Togo between Ghana and Nigeria. The band were true to their name keeping a variety of diverse poly-rhythmic musical styles in their repertoire. This was facilitated by perhaps one of the most energetic and powerful kit-drummers in Yehoussi Leopold as well as master Guitarist Bernard Papillon. Poly-Rythmo are still playing today nearly 40 years after the formation of the band, and we hope to add yet another chapter to the immense story of the music of 70sWest Africa with this release.


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  1. Aihe Ni Kpe we
  2. Les Djos
  3. Gendamou Na Wili We Gnannin
  4. Mi Si Ba To
  5. Avoun Doupou Me Douga
  6. Kokoriko
  7. Ne Te Faches Pas
  8. Kou Tche Kpo So O
  9. Gbeto Vivi
  10. Agnon Djidjo
  11. Medida
  12. Angelina II


SNDWCD003 – Ghana Soundz Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70’s Ghana Volume 2

Ghana Soundz Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70’s Ghana Volume 2

Afro-music continues to inspire a whole host of musicians, producers and DJs but even now the full picture of Afro-music in the 1960s and 70s is still far from being properly represented.  Ghana Soundz Volume 2 goes some way to readdressing the balance.
Following the success of Ghana Soundz Volume One, the second volume involved another a long journey to Ghana by music ethnologist and label owner Miles Cleret. This collection of unheard of and priceless gems visits the harder ground of Ghana, the pulsating
centre that is afro-beat and afro-funk.


BARCODE: 827565005529


Track List:

  1. Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band – Olufeme
  2. Joe Mensah – Africa is Home
  3. Ebo Taylor – Atwer Abroba
  4. The African Brothers – Sakatumbe
  5. Eb Taylor Jnr. & Wuta Wazuri – Mondo Soul Funky
  6. The Sweet Talks – Kye Kye Pe Aware
  7. The Ogyatanaa Show Band – Disco Africa
  8. Christy Azuma & Uppers InternationalNaam
  9. Bob Pinado & His Sound CastersMe, You, One (Means I Love You)
  10. Marijata – No Condition is Permanent
  11. K.Frimpong & Vis a Vis – Aboagyewaa
  12. The Uhuru Dance Band – Agbadza
  13. Uppers Chapter 2 – Samarin Bolga
  14. The Apagya Show Band – Tamfo Nyi Ekyir

SNDWCD002 – Afrobaby The Evolution of the Afro-Sound in Nigeria 1970-79

Afrobaby The Evoluation of the Afro-Sound in Nigeria 1970-79

Nigeria in the 1970s had on of the biggest recording industries on the continent as well as one of the most diverse. The fusion of African rhythms and culture with jazz, funk, soul and rock was a Africa wide phenomenon but nowhere was it more prolific and active than the cities and dance floors of Nigeria. These twelve rarities highlight how the Afro – Sound influenced all areas of the music scene and how it progressed throughout a very creative and energetic decade. From funky afro-jazz, soul and afro-highlife to big, dance floor afro-beat Nigeria led the way in West Africa at the time.


BACODE: 827565005321



  1. The Sahara All Stars – Alikali Adajo
  2. Bola Johnson – Lagos Sisi
  3. The Mebusas – Son of Mr Bull Dog
  4. Fela Ransome Kuti and the Africa 70 – Fogo Fogo
  5. The Don Issac Ezekiel Combination – Ire
  6. Tunji Oyelana & The Benders – Ipason
  7. Fred FisherAsa-sa
  8. Orlando Julius & His Afro Sounders – Mura Sise
  9. Thony Shorby Nyenwi – No Wrong Show
  10. Dr Victor Olaiya’s International All Stars – Omelebele
  11. Stephen Osita Amaechi & his Afro-Rhythms-Skies – Afro Baby
  12. The Martins Brothers Dance Band – Ochonma

SNDWCD001 – Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk & Fusion in 70’s Ghana

Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk & Fusion in 70’s Ghana

Ghana Soundz was the first ever Soundway compilation and  became recognised worldwide due to the licensing of the Oscar Sulley track, ‘Bukom Mashie’ to the soundtrack of Hollywood
blockbuster, ‘Last King of Scotland’.

Pounding rhythms, blaring horns and pumping vocals – the music is a document of a time forgotten when flares and Cuban heels strutted the streets
and night-spots of Accra, the sizzlingly hot and humid capital of Ghana.  Influenced as much by traditional rhythms and local highlife as by the music of
Fela Kuti, James Brown and Santana, these tunes had almost become extinct – until now!

Ghana Soundz was the first of three collections of rare Afro-beat, Afro-funk and Afro-fusion that Miles Cleret painstakingly travelled the length and breadth of Ghana to assemble,
the third compilation to be released late 2009.

Track List:

  1. The 3rd Generation band- Because of Money
  2. Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Bands – Bukom Mashie
  3. Marijata – Mother Africa
  4. Ebo Taylor – Heaven
  5. Gyedu Blay Ambolley & The Steneboofs – Simigwa-Do
  6. The Sweet Talks – Eyi Su Ngaangaa
  7. The Ogyatanaa Show Band – Ageisheka
  8. Honny & The Bees Band – Psychedelic Woman
  9. K.Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas – Hwehwe Mu Ya Yi Wo Mpena
  10. The Apagya Show Band – Kwaku Ananse
  11. The African Brothers – Self Reliance
  12. Rob – Make it fast, Make it slow
  13. Alex Konadu – W’awu Do Ho No
  14. The Black Star Sound – Nite Safarie