SNDWCD011 – Nigeria Rock Special! Pyschedelic Afro-Rock & Jazz Funk in 1970s Nigeria

Nigeria Rock Special! Pyschedelic Afro-Rock & Jazz Funk in 1970s Nigeria

Ginger Baker first visited Nigeria in 1970 at a time when local rock music was just finding its feet. By then the sound of Jimi Hendrix & bands like Santana had started to seep in to the mainly soul-based sets of a handful of young bands playing western influenced pop. Recognising the talent of hands like Cluster International and The Afro-Collection Baker include some of these musicians into his bands Airforce & Salt to tour Europe & America. Back home in 1972 and exposed the world of progressive and psychedelic rock at its peak, Joni Haastrup started his Mono-Mono band & Berkley Jones, Laolo Akins & Mike Odumosu set up BLO. The craze that following hit the youth and student population of Nigeria hard – mixing fuzz guitar & heavy, African rhythms with elements of Led Zeppelin, Traffic & the Chambers Brothers. 15 of the best LP and 45 cuts of the scene are available here for the first time in 30 years.


BARCODE: 827565035922

Track  List:

  1. Ofege – Adieu
  2. The Action 13 – More Bread to the People
  3. The Hygrades – In the Jungle (Instrumental)
  4. The Wings – Odenigbo
  5. Ofo The Black Company –  Eniaro
  6. The Elcados – Ku Mi Da Hankan
  7. Mono Mono – Kenimania
  8. Tabukah ‘X’ – Finger Toe
  9. The Funkees – Acid Rock
  10. Colomach – Cotocun Gba Gounke
  11. Joe King Kologbo & His Black Sound – Another Man’s Thing
  12. Question Mark – Freaking Out
  13. Original Wings – Igba Alusi
  14. Tunji Oyelana – Omoba D’Eru Ri
  15. BLO – Chant To Mother Earth

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