SNDWCD007 – Panama! Latin, Calypso and Funk on the Isthmus 1965-75


Panama! Latin, Calypso and Funk on the Isthmus 1965-75

Review in the Telegraph (UK newspaper)

A fly-blown buffer zone between North and South America, Panama barely registers on the international cultural radar. Indeed, its one significant musical export, the loping cumbia rhythm, is generally associated with Colombia. Yet these grainy ’60s and ’70s recordings by bands you will absolutely never have heard of constitute one of the year’s most exhilarating listens so far.

The sheer heat generated by blasting salsa instrumentals such as Los Exagerados’s Panama estra bueno y ma makes most modern recordings seem pitifully tight and sterile by comparison. There’s an all-or-nothing fervour of the kind that can only be achieved through live, one-take recording – a relentless, super-fast piano figure providing a springboard for brass solos of truly nerve-jangling intensity.

The tempos settle slightly as the music reflects the influence of American funk and Trinidadian calypso. Victor Boa’s Soy Solo Para Ti has a glorious, quasi-African piano swing, while Bolito y Su Tentacion’s incandescent jam Descarga Tentacion has the feel of ’70s Latin New York at its most sophisticated. A plinking salsa-flavoured calypso, sung by one Lord Cobra, completes this revelatory album. Mark Hudson


BARCODE: 827565012220


Track List:

  1. Los Exagerados – Panama Esta Bueno y … Ma
  2. Bush y Sus Magnificos – Nana Nina
  3. Victor Boa y Su Musica – Soy Solo Para Ti
  4. The Exciters – The New Bag
  5. Los Fabulosos Festivals – El Mensaje
  6. Lord Cobra and Pana-Afro Sounds – Rocombey
  7. Los Dinamicos Exciters featuring Ralph Weeks – Let Me Do My Thing
  8. Freddy y sus Afro Latinos – Maltrato
  9. The Exciters – Exciters Theme
  10. Los Caballeros de Colon – Con Los Caballeros
  11. Bolita y su Tentacion Latina – Descarga Tentacion
  12. Los Silvertones – Old Buzzard
  13. Los Mozambiques – Viva Tirado
  14. Papi Brandao Y Su Ejecutivos – Viva Panama
  15. Maximo Rodriguez y Sus Estrellas Panameñas – Mambologia

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